10. Hook
(dir. Steven Spielberg)
9. City Slickers (dir. Ron Underwood)
8. Thelma & Louise (dir. Ridley Scott)
7. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (dir. James Cameron)
6. Days of Being Wild (dir. Wong Kar Wai)

5. The Double Life of Veronique (dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski)
Without a doubt one of the more poetically inclined movies I've seen. It's not a movie that you watch for the plot. It's the movie that you watch because it evokes a certain tone. It's hard to describe why I think it's great.
4. Beauty and the Beast (dir. Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise)
Few movies entertain as much as this one. It simply comes down to that.
3. The Silence of the Lambs (dir. Johnathan Demme)
It's one of the most effective thrillers I've ever seen. It also has two iconic performances. Plus those parts with Buffalo Bill are just plain creepy.
2. Only Yesterday (dir. Isao Takahata)
One of the most effective all animated films because it is so real. Takahata honestly rivals Miyazaki. He's that good.
1. Boyz N The Hood (dir. John Singleton)
This is one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. It's carefully constructed so every thing makes sense. It's a powerful condemnation of inner-city life but it's never preachy.

Unseen Movies

JFK (I'm ashamed)
Barton Fink (VERY ASHAMED)
Night on Earth
Raise the Red Lantern
Naked Lunch
My Own Private Idaho
A Brief History of Time
L.A. Story
The Fisher King
City of Hope
Jungle Fever

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