10. Troll 2
(dir. Claudio Fragasso) This could be #1 any other day
9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (dir. Steve Barron)
8. Misery (dir. Rob Reiner)
7. Pretty Woman (dir. Garry Marshall)
6. Home Alone (dir. Chris Columbus)

5. The Godfather: Part III (dir. Francis Ford Coppola)
I see a lot of hate for this film mainly because of Sofia Coppola. I'd say they're right but any other moment when she's not on screen makes for a pretty damn entertaining movie. Andy Garcia has never been better.
4. The Grifters (dir. Stephen Frears)
A pretty entertaining noir update of sorts. John Cusack is great here but the real star is Annette Benning. I never thought I would say that. The book is pretty good as well.
3. Dances With Wolves (dir. Kevin Costner)
A pretty good Hollywood epic filled with some of the most thrilling set pieces in any movie, ever (buffalo hunt anyone?).
2. Edward Scissorhands (dir. Tim Burton)
This could easily work as a silent film. One of those German expressionist ones.
1. Goodfellas (dir. Martin Scorsese)
Was there ever any doubt? This is simply one of the best movies ever made. You can feel Scorsese's hand in every single frame of this movie.

Unseen Movies

Miller's Crossing (!!!)
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams
Jacob's Ladder
Wild at Heart
Joe Versus the Volcano
Dick Tracy
Cyrano de Bergerac
Henry & June
King of New York
Mo' Better Blues
Reversal of Fortune

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