10. Glengarry Glen Ross
(dir. James Foley)
9. Aladdin (dir. Ron Clements and John Musker)
8. White Men Can't Jump (dir. Ron Shelton)
7. The Last of the Mohicans (dir. Michael Mann)
6. Bad Lieutenant (dir. Abel Ferrara)

5. Unforgiven (dir. Clint Eastwood)
It's probably the best Western I've ever seen. That isn't saying much but it's true. It's one of those movies where you know that everything about it is completely solid. Nothing was left to chance. You can feel Eastwood's conviction every second of this movie.
4. Malcolm X (dir. Spike Lee)
This is a biopic that is incredibly expansive. That's a good thing considering Lee's subject. I think the reason why the film works so well is the great transformation we see in Denzel. If we didn't feel his transformation the movie just wouldn't work.
3. Reservoir Dogs (dir. Quentin Tarantino)
This is the film that introduced the world to Tarantino. I, for one, am greatful of that.
2. The Crying Game (dir. Neil Jordan)
One of the most mysterious films I've ever seen. I can't for the life of me pin down what makes this movie so special, so alluring. All I know is that I give in to its charms every time.
1. Like Water For Chocolate (dir. Alfonso Arau)
One of the most erotic and great films ever. This fine tale filled with elements of magical realism is simply one of my favorite movies.

Unseen Movies
The Player
Husbands and Wives
Man Bites Dog
Shadows and Fog
Hard Boiled
Porco Rosso
The Story of Qiu Ju
Belle Epoque
One False Move
The Lover

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